Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Project TItan Raid Guide

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

The Project Titan raid is finally here, and will see you locating and destroying four prototype drones which must be taken down at all costs. If you're having difficulty getting started, here's our handy guide to the raid and what you'll need to be successful.

The raid takes place on Golem Island, which is occuped by the Group of Red Wolves. The island was the spot where the drones were developed by a military research unit. The research was proving tricky to do safely which resulted in an AI taking over control of the island and it's resources.

The Red Wolves took advantage of an exploit in this AI, which allowed them to take control of the island. It'll be down to your team to eliminate The Red Wolves and restore control of the island.

To do so, you'll need at least Gear Level 150, and four players within your squad.

Reaching Gear Level 150 is pretty tough, though, and the best way to get there is to complete at least the main campaign and a fair chunk of side missions, at least the Faction and Aurora missions. This will, if done correctly, boost your gear to at least 140. 

From there, there's a degree of looting required to get yourself up to the 150 level you'll need for success.

As mentioned, you're also better off getting your own squad of friends in for this one rather than going with strangers, as there's a lot of ragequitting as players get frustrated with the difficulty level of this raid. It also helps to have communication.

To be successful at this raid, you'll not only need to communicate, but have a strong battle plan. 

Be patient, this raid is hard and you'll likely fail the first time around. The key is to be adaptable to your environment - each new boss will throw you a curveball, so don't expect or anticipate, and work together to work out the patterns and strategy you'll need to defeat them.

Completing the raid will award you with lots of awesome goodies, including the Vector Control Room, BOSG12, KOBLIN, CTMMG, and a Field Medic.


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