Gigantic, Fan Created Command and Conquer 3 Mod Proves Life Is Worth Living

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Posted on September 23, 2010, Ross Lincoln Gigantic, Fan Created Command and Conquer 3 Mod Proves Life Is Worth Living

It’s project that spanned the globe, taking 38 people nearly 3 years to complete. An economy reviving stimulus project? A Massive international anti-terrorism initiative? High speed transit between LA and Las Vegas? Nope, it’s Command And Conquer 3: The Forgotten, a huge C&C3 mod that might also just be the most epic fan fiction ever attempted.

It concerns the continued adventures of the Forgotten, the loosely confederated group of heavily mutated humans, first seen in Tiberian Sun, later revealed in Firestorm to be fully allied with the Global Defense Initiative. In the C&C universe, the Forgotten are the object of worldwide scorn and exclusion and though their story wasn’t continued into Command and Conquer 3, it is implied heavily that continued mutations had turned them into beastly creatures with mercenary loyalties and minimal impact on world events. That gave C&C:TF creators CNC Labs a major sad, so they set about correcting that ommission.

The result is a truly massive mixture of gameplay and original storytelling that probably deserves to have a new modding + Fanfic genre created in its honor1. The Forgotten takes what previously existed as a minor plot point and turns them into a major C&C faction. It boasts original units and structures, a “return to classic RTS gameplay”, the return of classic units like the Tick Tank and Hunter-Seeker Drone and yes, originally produced, cheesy live action cut scenes.

It’s no David Hasselhoff, but it will do in a pinch. Here’s the launch trailer:

Interested? Sure you are. Visit CNC Labs or grab it directly from File Front.

Via Joystiq.

1) Mon Ficdding? Fad Foddtion? Ficting? Yes, Ficting. From now on, FanFic modding will be called Ficting.

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