Give Final Fantasy IX high-res background art

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

Since Final Fantasy IX came out on Steam, one that that has really hinted at it's PlayStation 1 origins is the rather low resolution, pixelated background art. Fear not however, you can now improve your nostalgia by changing it to be better than you remember!

The mod by Fraggoso replaces the background art of the classic RPG with re-created versions, which are much higher resolution. The updated graphic effect really does sit well with the foreground graphics, which have aged well and are quite well upscale in the PC version. While it was common for developers to create higher resolution versions of textures used for close up objects, background art had low priority back in the year 2000.

Final Fantasy IX was the last of the series released on the PSX, and has a drastically different art style to that found in the earlier games in the PSX series, being more akin to the SNES / Super Famicom era. The game came to Steam back in April last year.

You can download the mod now from this OneDrive link.

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