Global Agenda Says 'No' to Elves

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Posted on June 8, 2009, Steve Global Agenda Says 'No' to Elves

Agents Vs Elves

… and they want you to join in on the fun.

It seems Hi-Rez Studios are engaging in viral marketing tactics to promote its upcoming sci-fi themed MMOFPS, Global Agenda. The Global Agenda sister website launch that focuses on gathering the community in what the developers are touting as a “No Elves! Movement”. Whatever their personal beef is with Elves, Hi-Rez hopes they are not alone in their certainty that those pointy eared bastards do not belong in their MMO (and possibly MMOs in general).

By spearheading an on-line community-driven initiative, the developers of Global Agenda ask its audience “How would a fantasy elf fair against a super agent in a futuristic sci-fi world?” If the video below is any indication, then signs point towards ‘not well at all’. Todd Harris, Executive Producer of Global Agenda, also weighs in:

“The debate of how a fantasy elf would fair in a futuristic sci-fi world is nearly as old and epic as the never-ending conflict between pirates and ninjas. I see the Community embracing this Elven challenge in the same way that David attacked Goliath — head on, in full view of the enemy, with nothing but a strong knowledge of the foe’s weakspot and advanced weapons technology.”

For those not in-the-know, Global Agenda is massive-online multiplayer first person shooter fashioned in the vein of such notable MMOFPS games such as Sony’s Planetside or Webzen’s Huxley. Self-coined by its developers as belonging to the Spy-Fi genre, Global Agenda‘s setting is a 22nd-century overpopulated Earth where a tyrannical government, calling itself The Commonwealth, now rules the Earth. However, a recent technology now exists that can make otherwise inhabitable regions environmentally cleansed, albeit via a slow process. Exploiting this technology, small pockets of Earth have been made into habitable regions. Being heavily sought after by various Agencies, these regions will serve as the setting for most of the game.

The game will primarily feature a third person perspective with specific instances where a first person viewpoint is used (e.g. sniping). In addition to melee and shooty-type weapons, players will be able to use cover, grapple ledges, and go vertical with jetpacks. Global Agenda is slated for a Fall 2009 release for PC.

Below, you can check out the first in a series of upcoming videos dedicated to answering the question “How would an Elf fair against 22nd-century technology?”

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