Deus Ex is reborn with the final release of GMDX

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

Regardless of your feelings for recent entries in the series, the love for the original Deus Ex is undeniable, and now, the excellent GMDX mod, we we've highlighted before, has it it's final milestone and major release, and it looks absolutely wonderful.

Incase you didn't know, GMDX stands for Give Me Deus Ex, and the final version is a culmination of five years of hard work and effort, with major improvements being made to textures, lighting, sounds and even maps and models. The new trailer for the mod, released yesterday, showcases all the great changes and graphical enhancements, and it really brings this classic title into the modern day.

New to version 9.0 of the mod is a new "enhanced artistic direction" feature, which aims to improve the visual experience even further, by not just creating updated, higher-resolution versions of textures, but by adding more detail, more art-style and more lore into the details of the game, much like modern games today have lots of intricate detailing and art direction in their environments.

"Deus Ex never had the strongest art direction, and it would be a shame if such a magnificent game was overlooked today and into the future because of that."

The screenshots below show off some comparisons of the game. The great thing about GMDX is that it's changes, while dramatic, are very much in-keeping with the spirit of the original vision for the game, and are very much respectful to it's intended art style. I've said before that it's very easy to get this wrong; by going too far and making change for the sake of making change.

In this side-by-side screenshot, you can see an example of this new enhanced art direction; car parking bays now exist where none were before, litter scatters the grounds and even smaller details like variations in brickwork, rivets in the metal struts and various added details, such as dumpsters and electrical junction boxes, turn what was a fairly empty and baron area into something that feels much more detailed and immersive.

In this second example, we see that the basketball court has taken on a whole new level of life, while still being instantly recognisable. Again, the floor gains detail that was strangely absent in hindsight; markings for the basketball court are now present, and again, details such as litter, and even a trash can on fire, are added for extra immersion.

The walls get a massive update, with extra graffiti, and a new baksetball-related poster added to really make it seem like this is a basketball court, something that isn't actually all that obvious in the original screenshot. The enhanced lighting just makes it all the more better.

This is definitely modernisation done right, and with great skill and attention to detail. If you're a fan of the original Deus Ex, and fancy giving it another run through, you absaloutely must pick up GMDX 9.0, available here from ModDB.

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