God of War reboot has arrived on PlayStation Now

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The reboot of God of War, originally released back in 2018, launches on PlayStation Now today, which is interesting for a few reasons, most notably, it means that PC players can play the game for the first time, albeit through a streaming service.

I personally don't rate the PS Now experience too highly, but it is a good way to play certain games that never came to PC if you don't own a PlayStation. It's a good game to check out if you've never had the chance, too. It's a critically acclaimed game that has earned a lot of praise since it's release.

Obviously a PC port would have been ideal, but with that prospect unlikely, this might be a great way to try the game for the first time on PC, if you have a good enough internet connection and don't mind a slight picture quality downgrade. 

You'll need a subscription to play, but the PlayStation Now for PC App will let you access the service on PC. Also heading to the platform this month is Red Dead Redemption 2, Nioh 2, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Judgement, a game that is a spin-off from the Yakuza series.


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