GOG Employees Laid Off in 'Restructure' [UPDATED]

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Reports from Kotaku lead to GOG confirming it has laid off at least a dozen people last week. Sources from those laid off are stating that the store is financially struggling. GOG is owned by CD Projekt who published The Witcher 3 which won a Steam award for their amazing game. 

A spokesperson for GOG did confirm the layoffs to Kotaku, they also stated that they were restructuring their organisation since October 2018 and have closed approximately a dozen positions last week, confirming the sources news above. However, they have also stated that they have hired double that number and have at least 20 positions open at the moment. Kotaku's source however says different, and that it was more of a sudden movement to keep the company operational as things were getting desperate, they were in the midst of a restructure which involved moving teams around but not laying off a dozen people within a week.

We've recently heard about Activision Blizzard laying off nearly 800 people, and ArenaNet too looking to cut costs so for the gaming industry not good news,  however the restructures mostly are to do with marketing and sales and not in relation to game development roles. One view that GOG has been struggling is the push of the Epic Games store to get new games in and offering huge revenue increases to developers that do use their store by undercutting Steams percentage of sales that they take. 

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