Goldeneye: Source is back with a new update

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 9 months ago

It's been nearly 3 years since we saw any major updates from the Goldeneye: Source project, but now the team are back with new maps, game modes and enhancements of this fan-made port of the classic N64 shooter.

The mod is one of the most popular Source Engine total conversions, aiming to bring the classic N64 first-person shooter to PC, with graphical enhancements and more. The project had gone silent in recent years, with the last major update issued way back in 2013: infact many had assumed the project abandoned.

Not so, as the team have promised that the latest version, 5.0, will release today, with brand new maps, fixes and improvements, key of which is a totally re-vamped version of the first level, Dam, which includes enhancements to allow competitive multi-player action, too.

The original version of Dam was designed to educate the player on the game's mechanics, and therefor features an especially linear level design, making it unsuitable for a multiplayer environment without changes, as one of the game's designers, Torn, explains;

The layout of the map had to be altered to allow for more interesting and engaging gameplay, while also staying true to the original. One example of how this was achieved was by creating an entirely new sewer system that creates a path between the front and back sides of the map. It was important to give people a choice on where to go, and not force them to go in any one specific direction.

That's not the only new map, though. The Aztec, Bunker, Depot and Caverns maps are now represented, bringing the total map count up to 25.

There's gameplay changes, too, with the addition of two new game modes, 'A View to a Kill' and 'Gun Trade', as well as improvements to the way the player moves and strafes, making it feel more like the N64 version.

Weapon models have been overhauled to bring them more up to date, with nice little details added such as dry firing a gun leading to a delay in reloading.

You can check out the full change-log, and grab the mod, over at the GoldenEye: Source website: Source website.

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