Google Unveils Stadia Game Streaming Service

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

It's long been rumoured that Google were looking to enter the game streaming market, and at GDC today they have unveiled the details of those plans, with a service they claim will support 4K resolutions at 60fps.

It'll run via the Chrome web browser, and Doom Eternal has already been confirmed as one of the first titles for the platform.

It will complete with services like Parsec, NVIDIA GameStream and PS Now. There are some bold claims coming from this new service, however, with a promise of 4K 60FPS gaming, although we suspect that this will be very heavily dependent on your own internet connection.

That being said, Google plans to leverage it's massive fibre optic network and huge datacentres, which will make the service as latancy-free as you can expect, although they've not yet mentioned what other technologies may be involved.

The servers that Google plan to use will apparently be custom AMD GPU's with "ten teraflops" of processing power, and custom CPU's too, with Vulkan API also being leveraged, all contained within a custom Linux operating system.

This also explained the recently leaked Google controller, which will be designed specifically for the service, although there's no specific hardware for the service yet, although it will be available on PCs, TVs, tablets and mobile phones.

You can still use your own peripherals, though, if you'd rather not use Google's, although the new controller has specific buttons for quick sharing to other Google services like YouTube.

Stay tuned for more on Stadia as we get it.


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