Gotham Knights Revealed, and Bruce Wayne is dead

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

The next game in the Batman series, Gotham Knights, was officially revealed during the DC Fandome livestream today, and there's a pretty big shocker at the start of the official teaser trailer - yup, Batman is dead, apparently.

Instead, the game focuses on Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood picking up the pieces in a world where Batman is no more and sees them teaming up to stop a dastardly plan - from the usual band of suspects, no doubt.

We also got to see some gameplay, showing off Batgirl and Robin fighting Mr. Freeze. The game supports two-player co-op mode, and it seems teamwork will be a big focus of the gameplay this time around.

The game is being developed by WB Games Montreal and is slated to release at some point next year. 

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