Grab Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree now for a preorder discount

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

If you're as excited by Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree as we are here at GameFront, then you might want to grab the DLC through preorder right now, which will net you a discount of about $5 on the usual retail price of $40.

To be exact, it's $35.19 with the preorder discount, so just shy of the fully 5, but still not a bad considering this is definitely day-one DLC for me, and I am fairly certain for a lot of our readers. The only downside is that it appears to be PC, and specifically, Steam only right now, with the console stores showing the DLC at the full price. Naturally, you'll also want to own the base game to play the DLC, too.

Shadow of the Erdtree is still a little ways out yet, with the long-awaited expansion dropping on the 21st of  June. I'm pretty excited to pick up my Elden King series over on our YouTube channel once it does, but in the meantime, it seems like a logical move to save myself a couple bucks.

As for what the DLC will entail, we've had little information so far, although we know that Miquella will likely be taking us on an adventure through a new area known as Land of Shadow. It's more FromSoft goodness, and that's the important point - I find the lore hard to keep up with at the best of times - but based on the trailer above, I am pretty hyped for all new adventures.


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