Grab Gone Home for free right now on Humble Bundle

By BRANDIE PETERS 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

If you've never played Gone Home, it's well worth a play, but only if you're looking for something very much story driven.

There's no action or combat, it's purely a story that unravels in the items and recordings found around the very atmospheric, creepy house, and while I can't say too much more than that without ruining it, it's a very moving story. It's not a horror, and it has no jumpscares or anything like that, although you'd be surprised for thinking it did given the atmosphere.

But the good news is, if you're not sure if this game is actually for you, just grab it for free, to keep, right now from Humble Bundle. It's free to download now until May 5th.

You'll need an account, but once you log in, you'll find the game available for free, to keep, without any DRM.

So give it a try. Trust me, it's a moving story, and well worth it.


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