Grand Theft Auto 5: How to Make Easy Money Guide

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Build your own criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto 5 through under-handed dealings, and earn one tricky achievement for your troubles. That’s right — go to the limits of excess with our guide showing you how to earn (then spend) 200 million in cold, hard cash. Think you’re ready to become an earner? Get some tips for earning cash fast below.

Experience the crime life in San Andreas with our GTA 5 video walkthrough, guiding you through each complicated mission and heist. For even more extra guides like this, check out the GTA 5 cheats page for more Easter eggs, collectible locations, and whatever else there is to know about Los Santos.

How to Make Easy Money

Work-In-Progress – Check back soon for more tips.

Play the Stocks

Note: Some players have reported problems with BawSaq. Use LCN to invest for instant results.

  • Many large companies have rivalries. When doing missions for Lester, he’ll usually discuss different company rivalries — use his info and invest as well. Hurting one company will cause the stock to rise for their rival.
  • For example: TacoBomb and Cluckin’ Bell. Invest in TacoBomb, then travel to the Cluckin’ Bell Depot in Paleto Bay. Destroy as many company vehicles as possible, and watch as your Burgershot stocks increase in value.
  • Or, go to the Los Santos Airport. There are two companies here; AirEmu and FlyUS. Buy stocks in one and destroy airplanes of their competitors. Same goes for the competing oil companies in the derricks area; RonOil and LTDOil.
  • Many missions in the game will involve major companies. Pay attention to who or what you’re hitting, and invest in their competitor to earn an extra bonus.

Infinite Cash Exploit

  • Want to make infinite cash? Go to the location on the map below. When you have two characters to switch between, you’ll be able to earn money over and over again.

Armored Cars

  • While driving around the map, look for blue dots to appear. These are armored cars.
  • If you can, shoot the driver with the briefcase before he reaches the car to quickly get the cash.
  • Having trouble opening an armored car? Try driving it into the water. The back doors will instantly open up!

Buying Property

  • Buy early and buy often. The earlier you buy property, the more side-jobs will become available. You’ll also constantly earn a small revenue stream from owning businesses that accumulates while playing through the story.
  • Doing missions for your acquired businesses will increase your revenue stream.

Help Strangers & Freaks

  • These minor side-quests might seem small-time, but some offer surprisingly lucrative rewards. Help a man recover his stolen bike, and he might offer 100,000$ worth of shares to as a reward.


  • Most stick-ups are small-time, but they can be accomplished quickly and easily. Rob stores, or wait around to mug people using ATMs.

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