Grand Theft Auto 5: Spaceship Parts Locations Guide [Map]

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Grand Theft Auto 5: Spaceship Parts Locations Guide [Map]

Explore the stars in Grand Theft Auto 5 with these oddball collectibles found later during the game’s epic story. Later into the plot, you’ll meet a man named Omega, and he’s looking for UFO parts. There are tons of these shiny interstellar items — see where to locate them on the San Andreas map right here.


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Spaceship Parts Locations Guide

  • There are 50 Spaceship Parts scattered across San Andreas. Learn how to start the mission and more tips in the guide below.

How to Start 

  • Mission: Far Out
  • Given By: Omega
  • Complete “Far Out One” to begin the collectible hunt. There are 50 parts to discover around the map.
  • When approaching a spaceship part, you’ll be able to hear a strange sci-fi droning in the distance.

Video Guide 


Parts 1-10



Part 8



Parts 11-20



Parts 21-30



Parts 31-40



Parts 41-50



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