Grand Theft Auto V Goes to Space

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Grand Theft Space is a new and ambitious project to take the famous franchise to, well, space. The mod allows the player to explore open space, and visit areas of not only Earth, but even the Moon and as far away as Mars.

The eight man mod team, lead by modder Solloholla, have created other popular mods for the game, including the Spider-Man V and Simple Zombies mods, but the scale of Grand Theft Space far outweighs their previous works. 

Players are able to fly into space and visit an orbiting Earth spacestation, complete with hangars and a launch pad. Players can also fly to the Moon, with a driveable buggy available to explore the surface of our nearest stellar neighbor. Finally, players can also set course for Mars, where there is a human colony to explore, although this part of the mod is unfinished and will be coming soon.


At the moment these are just places for players to land and explore, but in the future, the team hope to create a series of missions for players to be able to partake in, adding personality to the new environments.

You can download the mod now[url=] from GTA5-Mods here.[/url]

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