This GTA V mod lets you join the right side of the law

By Digz 2 years ago

We bring you one of the most downloaded mods for GTA V for a mod spotlight this week. The LSPDFR mod has nearly 10 million downloads and is seen all over YouTube and Twitch with players this time choosing the side of the law. Players join a Police force and take part in all mannerisms of law enforcement like high-speed pursuits, prison breakouts, and even doing general stop and searches.

This mod truly give you the power to be the best Police Officer you can be. Roles vary from looking after the dog section to being a police support unit as shown by the YouTuber Double Doppler that posts regular content of the LSPDFR Mod. The skins of the Police units range from the standard Los Santos one to British Police to a local sheriff. 

The mod really does put you in the shoes of a Police officer where you come across all types of crime that you need to tackle and get to grips within the city. The radio feature allows you to call for backup, deploy extra units and ensure you feel in control of the situation as an Officer of the law and gets you into character as you wade through crises that only you can solve.

Head on over to the mod's website where you can find the downloads section and further information here.


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