GTA 5: 100% Completion Tips & Unlocks

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Earn 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto 5 with our massive guides, providing tips, video, and maps to help bring your criminal enterprise to a natural conclusion.

There’s so much to do in GTA 5, it can be tough just keeping track, and there’s no need to do everything to earn the coveted 100% score. Not everything counts; find out what does and earn the “Career Criminal” achievement or trophy for ultimate bragging rights.

Before continuing to the tips and tricks below, get help with every campaign mission on the GTA 5 video walkthrough with James and Mitch. For even more specialty guides like this, browse the Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats to find links to guides, unlockables, and extras.

100% Completion Tips & Unlocks

Work-In-Progress – Let us know if you’ve hit 100% completion!


Note: Complete every task in the list below to earn 100% completion. 


  • 69 Missions Completed

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • 1 Darts Game Won
  • 1 Yoga Session Completed
  • 1 Tennis Match Won
  • 1 Lap Dance at the Strip Club
  • 3 Triathlons Bronzed or Above
  • 4 Sea Races Bronzed or Above
  • 5 Street Races Bronzed or Above
  • 6 Off-Road Races Bronzed or Above
  • 9 Holes of Gold Played At or Under Par
  • 12 Flight School Lessons Bronzed or Above
  • 13 Parachuting Challenges Bronzed or Above
  • 18 Shooting Range Challenges Bronzed or Above (Pistols / SMGs / Assault Rifles / Shotguns / Light Machine Guns / Heavy)

Strangers & Freaks

  • 1 Race Mission w/ Hao
  • 1 Exercising Demons Mission w/ Mary-Ann (Franklin-Only)
  • 5 Towing Missions w/ Tonya Completed
  • 5 Rampage Missions
  • 5 Paparazzo Missions w/ Beverley
  • 2 Grass Roots Missions w/ Barry (Franklin-Only)
  • 50 Letter Scraps Collected for Dreyfuss Mission
  • 50 Spaceship Parts Collected for Omega Mission

Random Events

  • 14 Random Events Completed (Any 14)


  • 1 Prostitute Service
  • 1 Booty Call Completed
  • 1 Cinema Visit
  • 1 Instance of Walking and playing Fetch w/ Chop
  • 1 Vehicle Purchased on the Online Store (Any Vehicle)
  • 1 Store Robbery
  • 4 Friend Activities Completed – Play Darts / Go to Cinema / Strip Club / Bar
  • 5 Properties Purchased
  • 8 “Knife Flight” Stunts Completed
  • 25 Stunt Jumps Completed
  • 25 “Under the Bridge” Stunts Completed
  • 50 Letter Scraps Collected
  • 50 Spaceship Parts Collected

Completion Tips

  • Darts: This activity can be played at any bar. A small dartboard icon will appear on the map where you can play.
  • Lap Dances: Go to any strip club and explore until one of the ladies approaches. Stand still until you can offer a small payment for a private dance.
  • Shooting Range: Certain gun stores have a target reticule over the pistol icon. This indicates they have a shooting range with challenge activities.
  • Street Races: To unlock, complete the “Shift Work” mission with Hao.
  • Tennis: There’s a court in Michael’s backyard that’s easy to access. You only need to win one game.
  • Triathlon Races: Reach maximum stamina level before even attempting these races.
  • Flight School: These are accessed at the Los Santos International Airport.
  • Freaks & Strangers: Get help finding these missions on our GTA 5: Freaks and Strangers Locations Guide.

Collectible Maps

All Collectibles Maps


[Click to Enlarge Image]


[Click to Enlarge Image]

Aerial Challenges Maps

Note: Orange = Under the Bridge / Blue = Knife Flights


[Click to Enlarge Image]


[Click to Enlarge Image]

Completion Unlocks

The Last One: A new mission will appear on Mt. Chiliad for Franklin. In it, a hunter will implore you to help take down a sasquatch. The mission-giver is very similar to a mission in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, but ends with a very different result.

Alien Car: This special vehicle unlocks after finding all 50 Spaceship Parts and returning them to Omega with Franklin.

Secret UFO #1: After earning 100%, travel to the wooden viewing platform at the top of Mt. Chiliad and wait until the game time reaches 3 AM. A UFO will appear, flashing colors and lights, but will disappear after stepping off the wooden platform.

Secret UFO #2: Another UFO will appear directly over the Fort Zancudo AFB. It can be seen from a helicopter near the very top of the San Andreas sky box. This UFO, unlike the first one, will appear at any time of the day.

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