GTA 5: How to Turn Michael Into Breaking Bad’s Walter White

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Posted on September 20, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus GTA 5: How to Turn Michael Into Breaking Bad’s Walter White

Get into the empire business and turn Grand Theft Auto 5′s Michael into Walter White from AMC’s wildly popular Breaking Bad. Going to a store and buying clothes won’t cut it, there’s an extra tricky step if you too want turn yourself into the meth cook called Heisenberg.

Scroll down to see where to get each customization option for Michael. Just remember, this isn’t the only character the collective minds of the internet have put together — you can get Max Payne’s grey suit or his festive open shirt. Tell us how you designed Walter White, Max Payne, or anyone else in the comments!

Follow the GTA 5 video walkthrough with Mitch and James to see this criminal enterprise play out. And don’t forget about our list of GTA 5 cheats if you’re looking for more crazy secrets just like this.

How to Turn Michael Into Breaking Bad’s Walter White

Purchase the clothing and customization items below to transform Michael De Santa into Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

Note: Each store listed below features other color options. Shoes not required.

Pale Amethyst Sweater

  • Location: Ponsonbys
  • Cost: $1300

Brown Pants

  • Location: Suburban
  • Cost: $95

Black-Rimmed Glasses

  • Location: Binco Clothing
  • Cost: $45

Sand Leather Shoes

  • Location: Ponsonbys
  • Cost: $580

Beard – Long Stubbed

  • Location: Barber
  • Cost: $30

Haircut – Bald Head

  • Unlike other hairstyles, this one is unlocked by registering on the Rockstar Social Club and linking to your PSN / Xbox Live account.

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