GTA 5: First Gameplay Trailer Right Here, with Analysis

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Posted on July 9, 2013, Ross Lincoln GTA 5: First Gameplay Trailer Right Here, with Analysis

It’s been nearly two years since the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer announced the return to Los Santos. No, really. and in all that time we still have yet to see any indication how the game actually plays. The hell, right? Three playable protagonists, three interwoven stories, and a ton of potential for either awesomeness or failure. But finally, we get our first taste of what we’ll actually experience come September, as Rockstar has finally released the first GTA 5 gameplay trailer. Watch it right now:

For the most part, this video shows a lot that we already know. Definitely check our previous breakdown to see all of that. We still don’t have any clear idea of how multiplayer will work (though some eagle-eyed Redditors have identified what appears to be a limit of 14 players at once.) Switching in and out of the three protagonists looks as smooth as promised. It was already revealed that the feature zooms you out into a Google Earth style view, but of interest here is the fact that each character will essentially go on living their lives even when you’re not playing them. Character and car customization is, as expected, vastly more robust than the paltry offerings in Grand Theft Auto IV, with a huge degree of auto detailing and the return of stores from San Andreas. And of course, a lot of this video featured cutscene content already shown off in previous trailers, or unseen parts of scenes used in those trailers.

Even so, a few new items made their way into this. Here’s a brief look at what was revealed (much of this is thanks to Reddit.)

    1. As you can see by the image above, despite the fact that this game takes place in an entirely separate continuity, loads of references to San Andreas abound, for instance, the return of the Urban Outfitters parody, SubUrban.

The music featured in the trailer appears to be from the original score; not only does this suggest that retro wave will be a huge part of the aesthetic, it also gives the whole thing a very Hotline Miami vibe.

Gunshot noise seems to appear on the minimap.

The minimap appears to change based on mode of transportation.

The minimap also changes based on whatever building you’re in.

Character transition mid-mission is extremely smooth.

Weapons selection takes a page from Saints Row, and suggests the ability to carry multiple types of the same weapon.

A shout-out to Love Fist from Vice City.

The possibility that the ability to become intoxicated returns from GTA IV, with a splash of Saints Row’s version of it. Here’s a medical marijuana dispensary.

Hunting returns from Red Dead Redemption, as confirmed by this screenshot.

Your stats appear to increase upon the completion of missions.

The list of confirmed side-activities now includes: shooting ranges; tennis; SCUBA diving; hunting animals; cross-country cycling; skydiving; tow truck missions; golf; windsurfing; and the ability to invest in the stock market (the BAWSAQ index, proving Rockstar remains very juvenile) and real estate.

What do you think? Sound off in comments, and stay frosty.

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