GTA V's Liberty City Mod has been delayed

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Hot on the heels of the cancellation of the other major map porting project to bring Red Dead Redemption to GTA V, it seems that the project to bring Liberty City to the game is now also facing problems, this time due to developer commitments.

The mod aims to bring the entire map of Liberty City from GTA IV into the game, and was originally due to be released in spring of this year. We've recently had some articles showing off the team's progress, including some screenshots and a teaser trailer.

The team's lead developer, GooD-NTS, has now stated on GTA Forums that the mod has been delayed indefinitely due to scheduling conflicts within the team. They still plan to release the mod, but it will now simply be at 'some point in 2017'.

Good-NTSNot a great news, but many of you already suspect this, our Liberty City mod is delayed. To make this crystal clear:

  • Mod is delayed because we currently do not have much time to spend on modding (and Liberty City is required a lot of time). We all have life outside of modding and sometimes it is just impossible to spend time on modding because we just do not have that time. Anyway we are trying to do something every day, so there is progress but not much as hoped.
  • We do not have any new technical issues that prevent or block progress.
  • We do not have any illegal issues (yet?)
  • When we announced our Liberty City mod back in January we didn’t know that we will not have much time, you can’t always predict what happens in your life and what not.
  • There is nothing you can do right now to speed up the release.
  • It is impossible to release current version of the mod.

Please be patient. I will not provide any estimates for release anymore, so you will not be disappointed.

While it's good to hear that the team aren't facing any legal issues from Rockstar Games yet, nor have they given up on the mod, it is a shame that this delay has occurred. Sadly, a work-life balance often means modding projects on this scale eventually face delays or even cancellation.

We'll keep you posted here at FilesNation if there is any further news.

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