GTA Online Diamond Casino Hosting Missions Guide

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Despite not being entirely available in around 50 countries, there's no question that GTA Online's new Diamond Casino update has proven hugely popular. Gamers can gamble on various card games, play the slots, or even bet on virtual horse racing, with various prizes to be won.

But perhaps you're just after some good old Grand Theft Auto missions to partake in, and hosting these yourself will prove to be the best way to experience these rather than relying on others. Here's a guide on how to get your foot in the door and become king of the casino in the new update.

VIP's only, baby.

Step one: much like with other elements of GTA Online, it's not possible to host a mission without owning some property. In this case, you're going to need VIP membership to the casino, after which you'll be able to buy property.

For those of you fortunate enough to have Twitch Prime and linked your Rockstar Account, then you'll actually get free VIP membership. Failing that, VIP status will cost around $500, and that's before we talk property prices, but it will get you access to new casino games and other missions.

Buying Property

Once you have the VIP status above, you'll be able to buy the property you need to host the missions. Head over to the concierge at the guest services reception. Here you'll be able to purchase your own penthouse suite, and will give you access to a VIP only area of the casino where missions can be started.

Prices for the penthouse vary, as below;

  • Crash Pad - $1,500,000
  • Party Penthouse - $3,776,500
  • High Roller - $6,533,500
  • Design Your Own - $1,500,000

Should you be strapped for this kind of cash, though, you can still get access as long as you've had an invite from someone else who owns a property. The trouble is that this relies on a friend to give you that invite, so it's much better to buy if you can.

Hosting Missions

Once this is all done, you'll want to log into GTA Online in an "invite-only" session mode. To do this, go to the pause menu, then the Online tab, then select "Play GTA Online" and choose "invite-only session".

Once you've done this, head back over to the VIP area of the Casino, and any mission you choose to launch you'll automatically be the host. At this point you'll be able to invite players and partake in missions as you choose.


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