GTA Online gamers are wandering in circles to grind free items

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

There's always something new and exciting to unlock in GTA Online, and the game's regular players are willing to put in the grind to unlock them, but with the latest gear that dropped in the Los Santos Tuners update last month, players are coming with more automated ways to get the goods.

The new update added a bunch of new car paint jobs and clothing for players to unlock, and players have discovered ways to obtain it by 'AFK farming,'  or fooling the game into thinking they're playing the game when, in reality, they're just fast asleep or watching TV (or something). It's not a new trick, but it's one that the game has traditionally cracked down on and stopped through clever logic and various patches.

But the latest farming technique is the most basic, players can now be found simply wandering around in circles endlessly. As you can see from the Tweet below from user @Dirty_Worka, the game (depending on the instance you land in) can be almost fully populated with people simply wandering about in a circle.

It's all happening in one location, at the "Car Meet," where players earn XP simply for being in the area. As such it's now generally littered with players simply wandering around walking into cars, walls, and other players. The idea of the area was to serve as a lobby for players to start races, show off their custom rides and meet other players. Instead, this.

And the method to do it isn't too technical either. Simply using a rubber band to pull the analogue stick to the left (or right) is enough to make the exploit work. Walk away and enjoy your rewards, it would seem. It's pretty indefensible too.

The only real solution to the problem would be for Rockstar to take away the XP bonus in question. As exploits go it's not the worst, it doesn't harm anybody, although to find your game full of players all gathered in one location not doing anything useful isn't exactly my idea of fun, either.


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