GTA V Project London gives a taste of the UK

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

It's been many years since GTA first ventured to the UK in an expansion for the original game way, way back on the PlayStation 1, in GTA London. Now, thanks to one modder, we can see what a modern GTA may be like if set in London.

The mod is a work in progress, and aims to re-create various famous London locations within GTA V, but eventually aims to overhaul the entire map to remove the LA textures and give the entire map a "London look". Currently, only various locations have been re-created within the current map, but these include Heathrow Airport, St. Thomas Hospital, various fire stations and more.



Eventually the author, Merrilees, aims to introduce more landmarks including hotels, and iconic items such as bus stops.

You can find out more about the mod over at [url=]this GTA 5 Mods page[/url].

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