GTA V Roundup: Rick Sanchez Mod, Tron-like Multiplayer

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

A couple of awesome mods came out for GTA V this past week, including Rick Sanchez as a playable character from Rick and Morty, and the game gets the Tron treatment in a new GTA Online mod.

The Rick Sanchez mod comes just a week before Rick and Morty's new VR game, Vritual Rick-ality, comes out on various VR platforms. The mod allows you to take Rick on all manner of exciting adventures in Los Santos, and the character comes with his usual insane catchphrases. There's an already existing mod that adds the Rick and Morty Spaceship to the game, so combine the two for maximum (and hilarious) fun!

You can check out a trailer showing this off below, with Rick getting into all manner of trouble with the law. You can download the mod here.

Also this week, a new mode was announced for GTA Online which will be coming out next month. Land Grab sees players compete in Tron-esque areas, and players need to run over the map areas in order to spread their teams color. Every minute, the team that has the most area covered scores a point.

The mode supports up to four teams, and the team with the most points, naturally, wins the game.

More information on the new mode is available from the GTA Online website.

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