GTA V sales boosted by free Epic Store giveaway

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Given Grand Theft Auto V has sold more copies alone than some developers have sold across their entire catalogue, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there's nobody left to pick up a copy, especially after the game was given away for free on the Epic Games store recently.

Apparently now, as the success of that free giveaway has apparently lead to a surge in sales for the game, with Take-Two also confirming larger player numbers in GTA Online.

In the weeks following the end of the Epic Store free giveaway, GTA V managed to sell more copies than it had in any previous year, according to Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. That's mind-boggling, to say the least. The giveaway also managed to boost in-game spending for GTA Online significantly, so even for those who got the game for free, it seems Take Two did well out of the deal.

Given GTA V and it's Online counterpart are over eight years old at this point, it's astonishing to see how successful the game continues to be. The recent Diamond Casino update to GTA Online has also seen the game surge in popularity, seeing record numbers of concurrent players.

This has lead GTA V to surpass 135 million units sold since it was first released for Xbox 360 and PS3, a truly astronomical figure, with the game selling 15 million copies since February alone.

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