Guide to Destiny 2 Dawning Ingredient Locations

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It's that time of year again when Destiny 2 holds it's dawning events, where players get together to bake things, randomly, like a bizarre interstellar version of The Great British Bake-off. 

Most of the recipes come from Eva anyway, but as it's not always clear what ingredients you'll need or what you need to do to bake all the goodies available for you and your crew, GameFront's here to guide you to the best ingredients and recipes in this year's event.

You'll find most of these common ingredients by defeating various baddies throughout Destiny 2;

Cabal Oil

The Cabal Oil can be found by heading to either EDZ, Mars, Io, Mercury or Tangled Shore, and is dropped from the Cabal on these worlds.

Chitin Powder

Head to Titan, Mars, Tangled Shores, Dreaming City or The Moon, and this ingredient can be found as a drop from the Hive.

Dark Ether Cane

Head to either the Dreaming City or Tangled Shores, and this ingredient will be dropped from The Fallen in these locations.

Ether Cane

Head to either the EDZ, the Moon, Nessus, Tangled Shore or Titan, and you'll find this ingredient dropped by The Fallen in these locations.

Taken Butter

For this one, head to the EDZ or Dreaming City, it will be dropped by the Taken in these locations.

Vex Milk

Head to either Mars, Nessus, Mercury or Tangled Shore, and you'll find this ingredient dropped by The Vex.

In addition to the above, you'll be able to gain "Balanced Flavours" by gaining bow, sniper or scout rifle kllls, and "Bullet Spray" by getting kills with automatics. Use explosives to unlock "Delicious Explosions" and arc kills will unlock "Electric Flavours" - these are the easiest special ingredients to unlock in the game.

You'll also be able to get "Finishing Touch" by getting kills with finishing moves, "Flash of Inspiration" for generating orbs of light with Masterwork weapons, and "Impossible Heat" for solar kills. These are a little trickier.

There's also Multifaceted Flavors for earning multiple kills, Null Taste for void kills, Sharp Flavors for sword kills, and Superb Flavors for super kills.


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