Guide to Diablo IV's first season Battle Pass, Rewards and Progression

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Blizzard has finally confirmed the release date and pricing for the first-ever Diablo 4 battle pass in a new developer update, giving us some insight into what we can expect from the first Diablo game to feature live-service elements. This guide will explore the battle pass details, including the release date, rewards, and how it works alongside Season 1 of Diablo 4.

When does the Diablo 4 Battle Pass Release?

The Diablo 4 battle pass is set to launch on July 20, alongside D4 Season 1. A patch will be released on July 18, allowing players to transfer their progression to the new seasonal realm. So, collect Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith statues and explore areas before that date, as your renown and map progression will carry over to your seasonal character.

The battle pass will start at the following times:

  •     July 20, 10 am PDT
  •     July 20, 1 pm EDT
  •     July 20, 6 pm BST
  •     July 20, 7 pm CEST

How long does the Battle Pass run for?

Blizzard has not provided a specific end date or time for the Diablo 4 Battle Pass. However, seasons in Diablo 4 typically run for three months, suggesting that Season 1 will conclude around October 20. This timeframe gives players ample time to progress through all 90 tiers of the battle pass content.

How much will the Battle Pass be?

The Diablo 4 battle pass offers different options for players. There will be a free battle pass, which includes 27 tiers of cosmetics and in-game items. A Premium Battle Pass will also be available for those looking to maximize their Season 1 experience.

Here are the pricing options:

    Battle Pass: Free - Includes 27 tiers
    Premium Battle Pass: 1,000 Platinum ($9.99 / £8.39) - Includes 90 tiers
    Accelerated Battle Pass: 2,800 Platinum ($24.99/£20.99) - Includes 90 stories and 20 Tier Skips

How does the Battle Pass work?

The Diablo 4 Battle Pass is closely tied to the Season of the Malignant. Diablo 4 follows a seasonal model where players start a new Seasonal character and progress from scratch to earn unique cosmetics and items. You'll earn rewards by completing the Season Journey and Battle Pass objectives. The Season Journey consists of chapters with various purposes, offering a flexible path for progression.

What are the Battle Pass rewards?

The Diablo 4 Battle Pass offers a total of 90 tiers. The free battle pass includes 27 levels, while the Premium Battle Pass expands to 63 levels. Both versions grant players cosmetic items and a new currency called Smoldering Ashes, which can be used for XP and Elixir boosts during the season.

The Premium Battle Pass provides additional rewards, including:

  •     Armour skins are usable across all classes
  •     Class-specific transmog weapon skins
  •     Mount armour and trophies
  •     Smouldering Ashes
  •     Platinum
  •     Emotes
  •     Titles
  •     Markings/Tattoos

How do you progress through the Battle Pass?

Progressing through the Diablo 4 Season Pass primarily revolves around earning Favor. Play the game with your Seasonal Character, complete side quests, defeat monsters, and revisit the campaign to make Favor. The Season Journey introduces seven chapters with multiple objectives, allowing you to choose activities you enjoy. Completing objectives rewards Favor and bonus items like Unique items and Legendary Aspects.

How do Diablo 4 Tier Skips work?

If you prefer to skip earning Favor or completing the Season Journey, you can use Diablo 4 Tier Skips. Each Tier Skip costs 200 Platinum ($1.99) and allows you to immediately progress one entire tier in the Battle Pass.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass get ready to dive into the Season of the Malignant and embark on an epic journey through Sanctuary!


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