Guide to Earning XP and Levelling Up Quickly in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 introduces a revamped levelling system focusing on the battle pass rather than an account level. With 80 tiers to conquer, you might be eager to find the fastest methods to progress through the ranks and unlock exciting rewards. This guide will provide practical strategies to level up quickly in Overwatch 2, maximizing your XP gains and optimizing your gameplay experience.

  1. Completing Daily Challenges: Daily challenges in Overwatch 2 offer a straightforward and efficient way to earn XP. Each day, you can complete up to three challenges, granting you 9,000 XP. Maintaining a daily streak throughout the week can accumulate a whopping 63,000 XP, equivalent to six tiers in the battle pass. To expedite your progress, consider playing with friends or utilizing heroes you've mastered to complete these challenges swiftly.

  2. Completing Weekly Challenges: Weekly challenges significantly boost your XP gains. Completing all 11 challenges within a week will reward you with 55,000 XP, approximately advancing you through five tiers. Stay committed to tackling these challenges to make substantial progress quickly.

  3. Completing Matches: While challenges offer substantial XP rewards, playing matches with a party can provide additional XP upon completion. Although the XP gained from games is comparatively lower than that from challenges, it still contributes to your overall progression. Taking advantage of the extra XP earned by playing with friends can be a smart move for those aiming to reach all 80 tiers quickly.

  4. Premium Battle Pass: For players willing to invest, purchasing the excellent battle pass in Overwatch 2 offers an advantage by granting an additional 20% XP upon completing matches. While this option may not be feasible for everyone, it can significantly accelerate your battle pass progression if you choose to avail it.

Tips for Ranking Up Your Battle Pass Quickly:

  1. Endorsement System: Remember to endorse players at the end of each match, as being an active and supportive teammate increases the likelihood of receiving endorsements in return. Higher endorsement ranks yield free battle pass XP rewards, enhancing your levelling speed.

  2. Master Roles and Heroes: Your performance in each match affects the XP you earn. Invest time in mastering specific roles and heroes to maximize your impact and contribution to the team. Excelling in competitions and securing victories while playing with friends can yield a substantial 1,000 Battle Pass XP per match.

  3. Role Queue Matchmaking: Consider adjusting your role selection strategy to exploit the Role Queue system. By flexibly filling roles that are in demand, such as support or selecting the "All Roles" option, you can earn bonus XP. Expanding your hero pool across different roles ensures you can adapt to team compositions, leading to a smoother and more rewarding gameplay experience.

  4. Daily Role Queue Bonus: Your first match of the day using Role Queue matchmaking awards a bonus of 500 XP towards levelling up your battle pass. Consistently playing consecutive games will compensate XP further, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Levelling up your battle pass quickly in Overwatch 2 requires a combination of efficient strategies and smart gameplay choices. By focusing on completing daily and weekly challenges, playing matches with friends, and considering the premium battle pass, you can expedite your progress and unlock exciting rewards. Utilizing the endorsement system, mastering roles and heroes, and using Role Queue matchmaking will boost your XP gains and ensure a smooth levelling experience. 

Stay committed, play strategically, and enjoy the journey as you climb the tiers of Overwatch 2!


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