Guild Wars 2′s World vs. World PvP Looking Good (VIDEO)

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Posted on March 27, 2012, CJ Miozzi Guild Wars 2′s World vs. World PvP Looking Good (VIDEO)

The second Guild Wars 2 press beta weekend is over, and good news continues to flood in about this long-awaited sequel. A hands-on by Massively reveals that the game‘s World vs. World PvP is an engaging, rewarding experience. High- and low-level players can actively contribute to the war effort, storming keeps, cutting off supply caravans, and defending encampments.

Guild Wars 2‘s WvW PvP takes place in instanced locations in which players are artificially boosted to level 80, with the major differentiation between players then being gear and unlocked skills, similar to SWTOR Warzones. Each player is assigned to one of three teams, based on his server, and victory in this instance grants a server-wide bonus called Power of the Mists which can provide a number of bonuses to health, crafting experience, combat experience, and more to every player on the team’s home server.

The one gripe leveled against the PvP was the lack of any introduction or instruction — players were simply thrown to the wolves. However, the game is still in beta, so an introductory segment may be forthcoming.

Check out Massively’s playthrough:

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