Hail Caesar! First Rome 2 Campaign Expansion Revealed

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Posted on December 2, 2013, Mike Sharkey Hail Caesar! First Rome 2 Campaign Expansion Revealed

Of all the battles of ancient Rome, one stands out for me: Alesia.

That’s the conflict where Gaius Julius Caesar attacked the amassed, 80,000-strong Gallic tribes in what is now southern France. The Gauls outnumbered the Romans four to one and were entrenched in a fort on the hill-top of Alesia. Knowing a head-on siege would prove suicidal, Caesar instead built his own walls around the Gallic fort, complete with 13-foot-high walls, to trap the Gauls inside and starve them out.

A number of Gaul horsemen were able to escape before Caesar’s wall was complete, and fearing reinforcements attacking from the outside, Caesar built a second identical wall facing outward. Yes, Caesar built a massive fort to besiege another fort while simultaneously protecting his own forces from… besiegers.

It was an amazing conflict that changed the course of history, and now we’ll be able to play it for ourselves. The first campaign expansion for Total War: Rome 2, Caesar in Gaul, is set for launch on December 12 for $15.

Not only will the DLC bring the Battle of Alesia, an expanded map and new units, it will also bring some overall improvements to Rome 2′s much-maligned gameplay. Here’s the rundown from Creative Assembly:

New campaign map: The expanded map of Gaul and southern Britannia brings 18 provinces to conquer, fully detailed with resources, settlements, capitals, and new environmental effects.

Greater focus on characters: Play through the campaign with faction-leading avatars such as Caesar and Vercingetorix.

24 turns per year & seasons: A shorter campaign timespan (58-51BC) means each in-game year is split into more turns. As the calendar changes, so do the seasons, bringing seasonal gameplay effects and stunning visual alterations.

New mid-game challenge mechanics: Caesar in Gaul replaces ROME II’s civil war with different, conflict-appropriate mechanics. As barbarian players progress, they’ll begin to feel the mailed fist of Rome as heavy intervention forces are sent to Gaul. Likewise, Roman players will see the tribes rebelling and forming alliances.

Compact, focused multiplayer campaign: With a tighter geographic scope and faction-roster, 2-player campaigns are more focussed and less time-consuming than the full ROME II campaign.

New historical battle: Surrounded and outnumbered, take on the role of Caesar as he fights the last desperate, decisive engagement of the Gallic War: the battle of Alesia.

New Total War: ROME II playable factions: Alongside the factions playable in Caesar in Gaul, several playable factions are also unlocked in the full ROME II campaign: the Nervii, the Boii and the Galatians.

New units: A raft of new battlefield units is unlocked for the Boii, the Galatians, the Nervii and the Gallic tribes, plus new auxiliary and mercenary units.

FYI: the expansion puts players into Caesar’s shoes and begins after his fortifications around Alesia have been constructed. Get more details on everything Caesar in Gaul comes packing on the official Total War forums.

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