Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update adds new maps and widescreen support

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Half-Life franchise, and to celebrate, Valve released a major update to the game on Steam, adding new content and bringing the game up to scratch for modern systems while retaining the original feel of the game and even restoring some lost functionality for the sake of nostalgia.

The new features include Half-Life: Uplink within the base game for the first time. Uplink was a demo mini-campaign that was released before the base game, and its unique content hasn't been playable without modding the game for many years now. However, most of the new content is on the multiplayer side, with four brand-new multiplayer maps created by the original team, which have been designed to "push the limits of what's possible in the Half-Life engine." 

The game now boasts widescreen support, and there's a whole host of bug fixes and improvements, including full Steam Deck support. There are even some nostalgic additions, including the original (but updated for modern systems) main menu artwork, and the return of that classic Valve intro FMV.

Valve released a statement stating that they "now consider this anniversary version of Half-Life to be the definitive version and the one we'll continue to support going forward," although the older version, Half-Life: Source is still available but somewhat hidden, for modders who may find their mods have broken due to the updates.

Finally, there's a new one-hour documentary about the creation of Half-Life, and I have to say it's definitely worth a watch, even if you've never played the game before. It's a fascinating story about the fledgling Valve in the early days of the PC gaming industry, and you'll learn a lot of fascinating tidbits.


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