Half-Life: Alyx now has 3+ hours of developer commentary

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Developer commentaries in Valve games have always been a fascinating insight into the development of previous Half-Life and Portal games, and now you can enjoy the same for Half-Life: Alyx, with over three hours of new commentary, added to the game.

The new commentary covers a multitude of aspects of the development and design of the game, with 147 new commentary bubbles, or "points of interest" to discover in the game if you have the feature enabled. It's a fascinating insight into the design, artwork, animation and audio design of the game.

A nice touch is to play the commentaries you pick up a "headset" found in the game world and place it over your head. I love that. There are even subtitles for various languages if you're not a native English speaker. 

If there's one downside, Valve highlights that the quality of the audio does vary, as the team have been working from home due to COVID-19. As such, the team "have been recording our commentary voice overs in closets and blanket forts around greater Seattle." 

In any case, it's a really neat addition, and a perfect excuse to give the game another playthrough. 

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