Halo 3 "Game Fuel" Debuts This Week

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Posted on July 31, 2007, davidm Halo 3 "Game Fuel" Debuts This Week

Remember, remember, the 25 of September. In preparation for the upcoming bedlam that comes with a launch of this magnitude, it seems your taste buds will be hyped as well. Mountain Dew has teamed up with Bungie to create Halo 3 “Game Fuelâ€, a limited edition drink that goes on sale August 3 for about 12 weeks.

halo 3 md

The taste is somewhat similar to Mountain Dew, only with a “Citrus Cherry Flavor†and more caffeine. So get ready, unprepared masses. Remember to pack your Halo t-shirt, your Halo gum, your Halo soda, your Halo controller, your Halo toy guns, and your sanity. The 25 of September is right around the corner.


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