Halo 3 Missile Case: Most Useless Accessory Ever!

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Posted on August 9, 2007, Jonathan Halo 3 Missile Case: Most Useless Accessory Ever!


Ok, that’s it. I know Halo 3 is probably the biggest game being released this year, but the merchandise coming out of it is just getting ridiculous. With all the Halo-themed stuff cropping up, Microsoft is about two advertising deals away from launching the “Halo 3 Fully-Furnished Apartment.” Case in point: this exclusive “Missile Case” from GameStop. Yes, that’s right, it’s a $20 box for carting around five games, a controller, and a headset that is made to look like the missile packs in the game. Side effects may include looking like huge dork wherever you go.

On second thought, that Halo apartment might be pretty cool. Of course you’d probably get shanked by an energy sword while checking your mail.

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