Halo 4: Hear Caboose Burn in Another Red vs. Blue Easter Egg

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Posted on November 12, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Halo 4: Hear Caboose Burn in Another Red vs. Blue Easter Egg

For players hungry for more Halo 4, the second episode of Spartan Ops drops this week, and with it comes an all new Red vs. Blue Easter Egg. Caboose isn’t alone on this one, this time you’ll find cameos from Griff, Simmons, and Church. To access, you’ll need to find another hidden box just like in the first Red vs. Blue Easter Egg. Find our full instructions below.

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Spartan Ops – Episode 2: Red vs. Blue Easter Egg

  • Location: Chapter 5 – Gagarin
  • Description:
  • At the beginning of the level, turn left to find a sloping path into a forest area. Stay left, until you enter an area with yellow bags hanging from the walls and ceiling.
  • Hidden behind some leaves, you can find a very well hidden box. Shoot it, and you’ll get that same RvB chime.
  • Just like the previous easter egg, continue on in the mission, and the Red vs. Blue gang will chime in through the radio, usually after completing an objective.

Cameo #1:

  • Caboose: What does this button do?
  • Church: Caboose, don’t touch anything.
  • Caboose: But I’m great at buttons. Hey look at that explosion.

Cameo #2:

  • Church: Oh great! You broke it.
  • Caboose: The fire broke it! Oh see. Oh great, now I’m on fire, too now. Awesome.

Cameo #3:

  • Griff: Hey Simmons, what do you think this machine does?
  • Simmons: How would I know? It’s a forty-foot seamless monolith with one massive holographic button. It could be anything, from a giant microwave oven to a weapon with enough power to-
  • Caboose: [Background screaming!]
  • Simmons: Hey, is that Caboose?
  • Grif: Probably. He’s on fire.

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