Halo 4: Raider Armor Unlock Guide

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 9 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Thanks to sleuthing Halo 4 fanatics, you can now unlock armor and more through Halo: Waypoint with these hidden glyph codes. In Halo 4′s Spartan Ops missions, in Waypoint videos, and even in newsletters from 343 Studios, players have been finding secret glyphs. These secret glyphs, once correctly translated, spell out words that can then be input as codes into the classified section of Halo: Waypoint.

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The mystery is so deep and complex we can hardly go into the details. If you’re looking for some heavy reading, check out the official decryption thread here.

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Secret Waypoint Codes & Raider Armor Unlockables

Keep checking back! The puzzles are still being solved, and we’ll update with new codes as they’re deciphered.

How to Use: Download Halo: Waypoint onto your X-Box 360 Console. Press [Start], [X], and [X] to access the Code Input area.

Code Unlocks:

Note: Current prerequisites are unknown, stick with us as we update! Further prerequisites are detailed below.

  • Raider 1: Raider Torso Armor + 500 XP

[Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Episode 1, Chapters 2-5.]

  • Raider 2: Raider Shoulder Armor + 500 XP
  • [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Episode 1, Chapters 2-5.]

  • Raider 3: Raider Helmet + 500 XP
  • [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Episode 1, Chapters 2-5.]

  • Oni 1: 5,000 XP + ONI Emblem + Concept Art
  • [Prerequisite: Must input the Wiseguy code.]

  • Wiseguy: 2,000 XP + Emblem + Concept Art [Prerequisite: All Domain Terminals Unlocked. Find them all with our Terminal Locations Guide.]

More to come!

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