Halo 4: Terminal Locations Guide

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Posted on November 5, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Halo 4: Terminal Locations Guide

Terminals make a return in Halo 4 and they’re even more important to the game’s story — that’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you find all seven terminals and flesh out Halo’s story. If you want the full story behind Master Chief, Cortana, and the Prometheans get every terminal with our locations guide below.

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Beware! Spoilers ahead!

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More updates incoming as we play through Halo 4.

Terminal 1:

  • Chapter: Requiem
  • Location:
    • At the third and final part of the mission, you’ll be faced with a large tower.
    • Before trying to go up, take out two of the armored Hunters (the massive Covenant with shields) and look for a main ramp leading up to the central tower’s elevator shaft.
    • Look underneath the transparent ramp to find the first terminal.

Terminal 2:

  • Chapter: Forerunner
  • Location:
    • After Master Chief’s screen flickers on his search for the first of two objectives right at the beginning of the mission, Cortana will mention a “distortion”.
    • The terminal is just ahead, at the ground floor of the central Promethean building. It’s just below a circular metallic awning.

Terminal 3:

  • Chapter: Infinity
  • Location:
    • An easy to miss terminal, this one is found after meeting up with allied soldiers.
    • You’ll get a cutscene after the checkpoint with the UNSC troops. After the scene ends, immediately turn around to find the terminal.

Terminal 4:

  • Chapter: Reclaimer
  • Location:
    • After getting Cortana back, you’ll be instructed to escape via an elevator.
    • Don’t get onto the elevator quite yet. Just as you enter the hall leading to the lift, look right for an optional path.
    • Follow the right path and you’ll find the fourth terminal.

Terminal 5:

  • Chapter: Shutdown
  • Location:
    • In this mission, you’ll fly a Pelican to multiple locations. Eventually, you’ll reach a third tower and be ordered to reach the control room.
    • Take the lift up, and you’ll have to continue across the energy bridges toward your objective. Once you run into two dangerous Hunters, backtrack across the energy bridge you just crossed and look for another optional platform off the main path.
    • This is near the end of the sequence, if you don’t want to face the Hunters, just turn left instead of right once you get a new objective waypoint.
    • At the back end of the room, circle around to the back of the structure to find the terminal.

Terminal 6:

  • Chapter: Composer
  • Location:
    • After an encounter with two Hunters, you’ll eventually reach a long cutscene with the Dr. Tillson.
    • Once the scene ends, look ahead for a structure labeled “Atrium” ahead of the objective. Look underneath the structure, between some rocky outcroppings, to get your hands on another terminal.

Terminal 7:

  • Chapter: Midnight
  • Location:
    • The last terminal is found during a grueling fight against the Prometheans. After crash-landing on the enemy ship, you’ll have to fight Prometheans through several chambers.
    • After passing through three rooms (or upon entering the fourth room, however you want to interpret it) you’ll be able to find the last terminal hidden after circling around to the back end of the main pillar of the room.

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