Halo Custom Edition SPV3.1 is available now

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

The much anticipated mod for the original Halo has been building hype for over a year, and now a brand new version has been released, enhancing the graphics, performance and gameplay of this classic game.

The mod includes all new assets including vehicles, weapons, enemies, levels and explorable areas. There's also some cool references and easter eggs to find within the game, too.

The game includes much improved physics, by interpolating them with the framerate, which leeds to very smooth animation compared to the original. Previously, despite the game running at 60fps, the physics animations were capped at 30fps. 


In addition to these physics enhancements, this version introduces 11 new missions to the mod, as well as enhancements to models, textures, shaders and other graphics. It also includes an all-new, easier installation method, so if you've not tried any of the previous betas, this is a good jumping on point.

You can grab the mod, and find more info, on the [url=https://www.reddit.com/r/halospv3/comments/6umz3f/spv31_released_all_new_install_method_11_missions/]official Subreddit[/url].

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