Halo Infinite is winding down as 343 are finally moving onto the next game

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Halo Infinite's seasonal updates are ending with the release of Season 5, as 343 Industries have confirmed it is moving on to "new projects," which will presumably include the next major series to the Halo franchise.

The studio will instead release smaller events known as "Operations" and will also be expanding the modding and creation tools available to players. Season 5 will launch on the 30th of January, after which the current season model will be retired.

Operations, in contrast, will run for between four and six weeks, with their battle passes having just 20 tiers. This is a pretty big departure from the existing season model that lasts for a significant period of time. The game essentially will be running on autopilot, with a smaller team looking after the game's updates.

The game isn't exactly dead, either, though. There was plenty to appreciate in the roadmap update for the game, including new cosmetic changes, the free Mark IV armour core, and more. According to community director Brian 'Ske7ch' Jarrard, “We have a dedicated team working on supporting Halo Infinite and continuing to deliver going forward, but also we have additional teams now that are accelerating towards the future working on brand new projects, I just wanted to tantalize you with that.”

The changes have been a long time coming for many. Halo Infinite was hailed as 343's switch for the franchise to a "game-as-a-service" model, although it failed to capture the audience I had expected, likely in part due to some stumbles early on after the game released, such as a lack of split-screen co-op, and the late arrival of Halo Forge.

The final season of Halo Infinite promises new Covenant items in Forge, and a brand new arena map, along with the aforementioned free Mark IV Spartan core and the ability to add shoulder pieces to any armour you like. Nice.


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