Happy birthday Mr. Greg!

By Pro-Filer 21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Gues what folks, today it´s Mr. Greg's birthday! Greg joined the ranks of FilesNetwork almost 2 years ago, on october 28, 2001 to be exactly! For those that want to see his "first post" check it out here! Since his first day with FN, Greg has been working on and helping out at numerous sites including as EFFiles.com, Armada2Files.com and is currently heading our biggest site BF1942Files.com Also here are some stats of the past 1 year and 11 months: - Files posted 765 - News posted 135 Not bad! Well Greg happy birthday, you got the day off, here's to you my friend :beer: :drink: - The FilesNetwork Staff

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