Happy Birthday Pro-Filer

By Phenix (FN Old) 21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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As most of you dont know it is Jos "Pro-Filer" Jongejan. He founded and funded FilesNetwork by himself and to quote Jos himself; [quote][i]Pro-Filer[/i]: Hey, he´s a control freak like me :)[/quote] Anyway today (11th September) is his 21st birthday, so below is a little message from me and the staff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well as you know Jos, we've been planning a little supprise for ya today - damn you for finding out that we even had something planned though :p - thank god you didnt read it though. I know some staff members have made some skins of you and mods for vairous games, although I'm not sure which ones, expect Scooters elite force skin. Well we've sent a little something to you though the post, however due to somebodies fault of having school - *points at captain_BOS* it hasnt been posted on time, so you must tell us when you get it - but we're not going to give any clues to what it is! Also I made a little flash movie for ya; http://phenix.sg15.com/misc/Movie1.html Lastely we just wanted to say: Happy Birthday - Phenix, FilesNetwork.com Network Manager/Techie

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