Harrison Ford Will Teach You to Go Green with Facebook

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Posted on March 7, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Harrison Ford Will Teach You to Go Green with Facebook

There’s no other way I can put this: Harrison Ford is teaming up with a company called Talkie and Conservation International to make a Facebook game about going green.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story. The project is going to be called “Ecotopia,” it’s going to be free, and it’s going to require you to build cities. Green cities. It also “integrates cinematic storytelling and requires players to perform real-world green initiatives to earn virtual points for in-game advancement.”

The HR article reads like a press release, and it’s not even a little bit clear what Harrison Ford’s role with the game is, other than apparently convincing the guys at Talkie to make it. Hopefully he does voice acting and is also a final boss character/Wizard of Oz of some kind.

Here’s a little bit about what the game is supposed to be like:

In this eco-friendly game, players begin with a dirty, uninhabitable environment and must generate resources by completing in-game missions. Resources are then used to develop a sustainable city that players can customize to create their own utopia. Players can also connect with their Facebook friends, sending gifts to each other and visiting neighboring maps to perform helpful actions. Each month, new villains will be introduced to an ongoing story line that players will battle against to fight for a clean environment.

I’m going out on a limb to say that it sounds like it’s FarmVille: Han Solo Edition. FarmVille of the Lost Ark. Clear and Present FarmVille. FarmVille 1. FarmVille and the Last Crusade. The Devil’s FarmVille. Regarding FarmVille.

No word from what actual FarmVille maker Zynga says about Han Solo bringing the fight to its Death Star.


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