Hello Games promise Light No Fire's map is the size of real-life Earth

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

No Man's Sky is well known for an entire galaxy of endless exploration with its procedurally generated planets, which are usually of a more than reasonable scale of exploration, but the studio's hyped sequel, Light No Fire, is going in the inverse direction by making just a single planet, but the actual size and scale of a real-life one. That's a lot of walking.

Hello Games revealed the game at The Game Awards, and while it seems to have similarities to No Man's Sky, it's also heading in an entirely new direction. The game will still heavily feature procedural generation, of course. There's no way that any studio is mapping an entire life-size scale planet by hand, but the size of the world does fill me with intrigue, especially in how it will impact exploration and interaction.

Since you'll party up with friends to go on an adventure in Light No Fire, it seems to be more focused on interaction with others, story and fantasy role-playing, and I can see this scratching a lot of the same itches Minecraft did for me back in the day. 

"For our new game, we wanted to create an earth," said studio co-founder Sean Murray, speaking at TGA. "A planet that is as varied as a universe. Something bigger than earth. Something with mountains, real mountains, not videogame mountains, but mountains that are miles high, taller than Everest, that when you climb to the top of them and look out, you can see rivers and canyons and continents. You can see oceans."

He went on to add that the game will be "something without boundaries. And we're going to let everyone play in it together. It's a place where people can live out their adventures together." 

I'm interested in learning more about how this will all come together, but given the lessons learned from No Man's Sky, I am pretty optimistic the studio can pull this off, and it'll be one to keep a close eye on.


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