Here are the First Kinect Games

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Posted on June 13, 2010, Phil Owen Here are the First Kinect Games

kinectAt tonight’s Microsoft pre-E3 event, they did more than rename Natal to Kinect; they also revealed a lineup of titles intended to take full advantage of the capabilities of the controller-free peripheral, and they showed off what it’s like to use Kinect to pretend you’re John Anderton (it’s a lot of pointing and waving, which makes sense). Hit the jump for details on the games.

The big one for me, as I’ve said before, is MTV’s dance game, which looks legitimately legit. It does actually make use of your whole body, and thus it, on its own, makes Kinect a worthwhile device. I will almost certainly buy a Kinect just for this game.

The other big one is the Star Wars lightsaber dueling game we’ve been waiting our entire lives for. But it ain’t just about banging sabers; no, this thing throws force powers into the mix. I love love love this. Hasbro would be wise to flood toy stores with plastic lightsaber toys when Kinect hits shelves in the fall, because they’ll undoubtedly be in high demand among gamers. Oh, and you get to fight Darth Vader. Bam.

Then we have Kinect Sports, which is basically Wii Sports but probably slightly better just because, with soccer and hurdling games in addition to beach volleyball, bowling and javelin-throwing games, it has you use your whole body.

There’s also Kinectamals (that name totally works, weirdly), which appears to be the fake pet game to end all fake pet games. You can pet your fantasy tiger!

And, while maybe not a game, really, there’s a yoga title that will be totally great for macho men like me, who have perhaps been interested in the eastern art but wouldn’t be caught dead near a yoga class or DVD. Now we can try it and just claim we’re playing a video game and not lose any nerd cred.

Finally, there’s Kinect’s video chat function. This is a neat perk to the whole thing, and I like it as a Skype substitute.

That’s what we’ve got so far. Be sure to check back with Gaming Today on Monday morning at 10 a.m. PDT for our coverage of Microsoft’s E3 news conference.

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