Here comes a GTA V mod of Titanic proportions

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

If you thought porting the whole of GTA IV's Liberty City to V was a project of titanic proportions, wait until you see this - yes, the actual  RMS Titanic has been re-created in the game, complete with an impressive re-creation of it's doomed sinking.

It comes at an opportune time, as the RMS Titanic herself has been making headlines this past week, thanks to new theories backed by fresh evidence presented on the UK's Channel 4 TV network, that the Titanic sunk so catastrophically because of severe damage to the hull caused by a coal fire that occurred days earlier.

Inspired by the ingenuity of other GTA V mod authors, the creator, Muhammad Khan, decided to re-create the historic vessel within the game, complete with a re-creation of several scenes based on James Cameron's movie of the same title. Interestingly, the mod has had assistance from Kyle Hudak, the creator of Titanic: Honor and Glory, an independent mystery adventure game that has been in development for some time.  

Kyle provided 3D models for the mod, and with the assistance of modder KAFAROS, who has extensive experience in importing assets into the GTA V engine, pulled everything together to create this impressive mod.

As mentioned, the mod is based upon the James Cameron movie telling, as opposed to sticking strictly to historic events, and that means, of course, Jack and Rose make an appearance, too. Weather you love the movie or hate it, it's a nice little addition which takes the player through their entire story, from the events leading up to the sinking to the catastrophe itself.

With a lot of additional scripted sequences and content, this isn't your traditional Grand Theft Auto experience, but a compelling and technically impressive single player experience within the GTA V engine - and if you're a fan of Titanic, definitely one to check out.

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