Here Is What Nate Drake Would Look Like With a Moustache

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Posted on October 19, 2011, Phil Owen Here Is What Nate Drake Would Look Like With a Moustache

Have you ever wondered what Nate Drake would look like if he had a moustache? He’d certainly be more rakish, and I can’t believe Chloe would ever have let him go if he had some manly facial hair. Elena, on the other hand, would probably be disgusted and have some witty putdown prepared for it. But she wouldn’t dump him because she just loves him sooooooooo much.

You might think I’m speaking hypothetically here, but I’m not because CJ has put together some shots of Drake with a variety of wonderful ‘staches, and it’s pretty much the best graphic we’ve ever done. Take a look.

(Just had a thought: what if the plot of Uncharted 3 is about Drake’s quest to find a moustache?)

Check out all of Break’s moustache-themed Movember content over at the official landing page!

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