Here's 12 minutes of Doom Eternal Battlemode footage

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Doom Eternal will feature a new Battlemode, a multiplayer mode which is billed as a 2v1, one player taking on the role of the Doomslayer, with the other two hunting the Doomslayer down. It kind of put me in the mind of Dead by Daylight or something along those lines, but we now have a closer look, thanks to IGN, who have revealed a new 12 minute demo of the mode.

Described as teamwork vs. tactics, it's billed as the ultimate game of "cat and mouse", and honestly, looks like really good fun. It's a case of trying to kill your opponents, as it often is with Doom, but the 2 vs 1 dynamic really makes things interesting. 

The doomslayer has a full arsenal of weapons at his disposal, but has to take out both daemons before winning. If one demon remains alive, the other will be resurrected after a period of time, making it more challenging than it seems.

Demons also have special abilities, which make them formidable opponents, such as spawning other enemies.

The mode apparently will be the focus of multiplayer, rather than traditional deathmatch, and indeed, there is apparently no traditional multiplayer modes in the game. How well that will be received remains to be seen, but I am at least quite excited to give Battlemode a try.

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