Here's 20 minutes of gruesome Diablo 4 gameplay

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We're already seeing footage of Diablo 4 after it's confirmation at BlizzCon, and it's already looking pretty polished, making me wonder just how long the team have been working on this game under wraps. 

There's now a new 20 minute gameplay video to get your chops into, via Game Informer, which you can check out below, and it shows three Druid characters alongside multiple wolf companions, and explains several of the mechanics including shapeshifting.

There's some changes and differences compared to previous entries in the series, such as how summoning wolf companions works, or how animals are now present permanently once the skill is unlocked.

WHen the game will be released, we're not sure, but it isn't any time soon apparently - but if the game is already looking this polished, I'm expecting an excellent final product.


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