Here's Doom Eternal's Half-Machine Doom Hunter Demon

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Bethesda are calling it The Year of Doom - and I could make a joke about Boris Johnson and Donald Trump here, but anyway - it is indeed the year of Doom Eternal, and now we know more about one of the new demons that will feature in the game.

The new Demon will be known as The Doom Hunter, and is half machine interestingly, which has been created by blending demon and machine to create the ultimate slayer-hunting cyborg. It sounds terrifying, in all honestly.

It features bull horns on it's head, and integrated missile launchers, as well as the ability to fly thanks to an interestingly placed jet engine.  It also features a glowing blade arm, and a skullface gun too, so all in all, yeah, I'm terrified to face this one.

We also reported on the new Battlemode, which you can read about here. Doom Eternal is releasing this November 22nd.


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