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Here's more info on Resident Evil Village's Mother Miranda

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

All through the build-up to Resident Evil Village, there's been one question left unanswered, just who is Mother Miranda? We knew she was somehow related to the other giant lady we've seen a lot of in promotional materials, but just how she fits into the story has been a mystery. We now know some more details, via Capcom, suggesting that she will be an 'extremely important factor' in the game.

Capcom didn't say too much, preferring players to "discover" for themselves; but they did say that the "inner side of her character" will be an extremely important factor. She's apparently a "presence" that is worshipped by other people in the village. Director Morimasa Sato shared some details about her with IGN this week;

For Mother Miranda, I think it's better for the players to find out for themselves by playing the game, but I'll say this: Mother Miranda and the inner side of her character are extremely important factors in the game.

Another mystery solved is just who the person in the elaborate mask was in early promotional art - it seems that was, indeed, Mother Miranda, with the game's art director Tomonori Takano stating that the mask is symbolic for will reflect the aesthetics of the entire game. "The mask resembles a crow's beak," said Takano. "As a symbol of horror, crows function as a theme for Village in its entirety as well, and they appear in the actual game. Since she has a symbolic role within the village, we implemented that same design theme for Mother Miranda."

We're still left with a lot of questions - just what the plot is about, exactly, and who Mother Miranda is, seems to remain a mystery. We won't have to wait long to find out, though, as the game is due to release in just over a month's time, on the 7th of May.


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